Foil manufactured by extrusion has a wide range of application due to its characteristics:

  • strong firmness,
  • high gloss,
  • water-tight barrier, prevents penetration of odors,
  • simple heat welding,
  • can be made as biodegradable foil,
  • has the possibility of reuse after recycling,
  • can be laminated with other materials.

Foil can be dyed  in the extrusion process and can be printed on after extrusion.

The polyethylene foil for packing machines is used for packing of pellet, briquettes,fertilizer, food products, fruits, vegetables, powdered products, clothing and other different equipment.

At the request of the customer they can have different sizes, colors, with or without print.

Foil for packing machines 1
Foil for packing machines 2
Foil for packing machines 3